Our Tours in Ireland



Duration 1-3 days

Ancient forts, built on the edge of the rocky steeps almost one hundred meters above the sea, still bother the soul and minds of archaeologists and other scientists with such a question: “Why and how and for what this had been built here?….”

Locals will drive you in their rusty and frayed mini buses across the Island and tell you stories full of love and warmth about their land in an incomprehensible for a tourist local accent.
Black and fat and sleek seals sit in groups on the west side of Inishmore listening to the noise of the waves rolling over the stony shore. That noise is jumbled sometimes with the noise of car tires pressing over the gravel. And when lazy seals turn their heads to see what is going on they see a rusty mini bus stopping by and tourists getting off to take a picture…
If you want to see how people live in extreme situations and remain happy and cheerful, Aran Islands are a lovely example of the 21st century.
Aran Islands can be reached by ferry departing from Galway Bay or by booking your flight from the Connemara Airport.
Rain – wind – mist – sun .., whatever combination of the local weather you will get on your trip there, you will never forget that you have stepped on that magical land 🙂


Duration: 3 / 4 hours

Oscar Wilde sits on a huge piece of granite at the corner of Merrion Square. Accompanied by a smirk of a great Oscar, we’ll greet each other and begin our tour around wonderful Dublin.

The first traffic light in Dublin caused chaos with crowds forming around it. Nearby, the oldest university in Ireland, Trinity College invites you into its city campus. The former insurance and banking district is packed with beautiful buildings. The famous Temple Bar, the River Liffey,  City Hall and Christ Church Cathedral are all within walking distance. Learn about where the Vikings landed and started to build one of the first towns in Ireland.

The grounds of Dublin Castle help us learn and understand about some pivotal moments in Irish History, especially the path towards independence. St. Patrick’s Cathedral evokes the story of Ireland’s most famous patron saint and more recently about Dean Jonathan Swift and the Guinness family.

Kilkenny (10)


It’s hard to believe that the relatively small town of Kilkenny is actually a city. Just an hour and a half from Dublin, you’ll find what is most Irish people’s favourite city. Rain or shine, Kilkenny is delightful and brimming with history. It has a bright, cheerful and friendly atmosphere despite the predominant grey stone.

Kilkenny is a medieval city evidenced by its fine architecture. Kilkenny Castle, former home of the powerful Butlers stands above the River Nore. Visit Rothe House and Garden, and St.Canice’s Cathedral with its Round Tower, one of the two in Ireland you can climb up.

And after a delightful and pleasant stroll you can sit down and have a pint in Kyteler’s Inn or look into the local craft shops.

And if you want to see a little bit more, just a short drive away from Kilkenny there are the grounds of  Jerpoint Abbey, where carved figures on stone walls still keep in silence the secrets of the Celtic faith and traditions.

That particular silence is only interrupted occasionally by birdsong or by the sweet whisper of  falling autumn leaves.

And by the end of your day, you’ll have a treasure trove of memories.

Belfast (3)


Duration: 2 / 2 hours and half

It’s only a two hour drive from Dublin to Belfast on one of Ireland’s newest motorways, near enough for a comfortable day trip from Dublin.

And one day is just about long enough for you to get the feel of a totally different city. Belfast feels different, has a different spirit and is in a different country, although on the same small island.

The Troubles are over; there’s no longer a curfew; the Peace Agreement is in place; although one gate is still closed every weekend.

Belfast graffiti is known the world over.  Art has always been the first tool used by people to express their feelings and to try to leave a piece of history for the next generation.

Today in some areas, city tour buses and tourists fill the streets once famous for bitter fighting, bombs and sectarian violence.

The Titanic Museum is well worth to visit. Not many people known that that the famous ship was built in the naval workshops of Belfast.

Visit the “Northern Capital of the island of Ireland” for a fascinating insight into recent history.



Duration 1 or 2 days.

The Burren is an outstanding piece of splendour along the West coast of Ireland.

The Cliffs of Moher are part of the Burren National Park with unique stone formations seldom found elsewhere in the World. This is one of the most intriguing and beautiful landscapes in the world.

From April to July, on this rocky land an amazing array of Alpine, Mediterranean and Arctic plants bloom in the limestone. The colours and scents beg you to stay.

The weather can change rapidly here. The Cliffs can look different from one minute to the next. Now hidden in the mist. Now brilliant in the sunshine.

But don’t worry. Be patient. A rainbow may appear in the front of your face and seem so close you think you can touch it. The wind may change direction and take away the annoying drizzle, revealing the wonderful cliffs, 10 kilometres long and almost 200 metres high. A huge gull, as big as an Irish Christmas turkey, welcomes you with its cry of freedom.