Dear Visitor, please pay attention and read the following information carefully:

  • We ARE NOT a transport company;
  • We ARE NOT an agency and or a tour operator;

We offer the following services at the following fees:

  • Tour guide 1 hour – 40 euro
  • Tour Guide HD (half day, 4-5 hours) – 160 euro
  • FD (full day in Dublin, 8-9 hours) – 190 euro
  • FD (full day tour outside Dublin) – 250 euro

The above fees are applicable only and exclusively to the services of a tour guide.

These fees do not include:

  • Transport and travel costs if and when involved;
  • Entrance ticket’s price to the places of interest along the route;
  • Accommodation and meals when outside Dublin on an extended tour.

* When tour guide is booked by the client for an extended tour the client pay accommodation &meals for the tour guide in addition to the basic fee for tour guiding services .

* When booking tours or/and excursions for a longer duration than three consecutive days discounted rates for a tour guiding services are applicable.

The quality we deliver to DOC with all the necessary information to the customer for his travels in Ireland.

  1. Upon your request we can also design your itinerary based on your specific requirements. Some clients prefer to explore Ireland on their own.

Well constructed personal programme with detailed description of roads, places to visit and to stay, timing and costs is a very powerful tool to have in your pocket when travelling on your own exploring the unknown for you territory.

If and when you will need such an itinerary designed only for you, please contact us and provide the following basic information:

  • The number of days you want to spend in Ireland;
  • Number of people participating in that particular journey;
  • Your specific interest and/or aspirations.

Only at a price from 100 to 200 euro we work out the right itinerary for you!

Prices depend on how many days would you like to spend in Ireland.